Nile Pet Boarding

Nile Pet Boarding Kennels and Cattery was initially started just as the COVID-19 lockdowns arose, as we were aware that many people had to leave the country unexpectedly, and we wanted to offer our services for looking after people's beloved pts while they were away. This had already been on our minds for quite a long time, then necessity sped up our plans. So we started with 7 dogs, 3 cats and 6 horses being sent to us, and some very happy and relieved pet owners, who could relax about their wonderful animals being in great hands.

Child with dog

The kennels are located on our 7 acre premises full of trees, shade and lush grass, bordered by the River Nile. The dog exercising facility is a fully chain link fenced area, and the dogs have plenty of time to run free, either individually or in small groups, depending on the owners preference. The night kennels are large runs, 12 feet long, 6 feet high and 8 feet wide, and are fully modular so we can change the size to be bigger if people wish for more than one dog to be in the same kennel. Their beds are comfortable, warm and dry, a little hotel for our furry friends. We can also take dogs that are able to be leash walked out along some wonderful trails, of course this is completely up to what each individual owner requires for their dogs.

The Cattery is spacious, with an outdoor area that the cats can sun themselves, or enjoy a scratching post. Again the size can be adjusted to be for individual animals, or shared.

We are located on the banks of the Nile in Jinja, were we have been for 20 years, and operate the highly successful Nile Horseback Safaris. Originally from New Zealand and Australia, Natalie is now a Ugandan Citizen and TJ is a resident. Whilst we are relatively new to the kennel business, we have many years and huge experience with cats and dogs, as well as horses, chickens, rabbits, and children! We are fully supported by Dr Herbert Wambi, our local specialist in small animal veterinary sciences. Animals are our lives and we do medical checks daily, as we have a lot of experience with the particular disease burdens that are inherent in Uganda.

So whether you are heading out of country for a few days, or a few weeks, and want your pet to have a great holiday with lots of space, fun and scenery, you should look no further than Nile Pet Boarding Kennels and Cattery.