Kampala Transport Options

1. Explorers Shuttle Service

There is a shuttle service run by Nile River Explorers rafting that runs from Kampala to Jinja and return most days. The shuttle leaves Kampala at 6.30am and then the return leg departs Jinja at 3:00pm. The pick up points are Red Chilli Backpackers at 6:30am, front entrance of Oasis Mall at 7am, or Fat Cat Backpackers at 7:15am The bus is only available to clients who do adventure activities in Jinja or have accommodation booked with NRE. The seats on the bus need to be pre-booked by us. You also need to catch a boda boda (motorcycle taxi) the last few kilometres to our stables. (boda boda taxis should be no more than 5000 Ush one way) from the turn off at Njeru taxi stage.

2. Public Transport

You can catch a matatu minivan taxi from Kampala to the turn off at Njeru taxi stage at any time of the day.(see the Map). Then catch a boda boda motorcycle taxi as above.

3. Private Taxi (special hire)

From Kampala and back is another option but unless you have at least 4 riders in your group it is an expensive option. (approx 350,000 Ush)

Jinja Transport Options

1. Motorcycle Taxis/Boda Bodas

Boda boda motorcycle taxis are available everywhere and can get you to our premises easily. Allow 20 minutes travel from Jinja town or 25 minutes travel time from Bujagali falls. Boda boda taxis will generally wait for you to finish your ride. (should be no more than 20,000 Ush p/p return from anywhere around Jinja)

2. Boat From Eastern side of the Nile

A water taxi can pick you up from Bujagali (Speke Camp, Nile River Explorers Campsite, River Camp, Nile Porch, Adrift Campsite) and transport you to Nile Horseback Safaris stable for about 10,000 to 20,000 shillings return depending on which campsite and how many in your group. Its a 5 to 10 minute scenic boat ride and the best option if you are staying on the east side of the Nile.

3. Taxi/Special Hire

You can catch a taxi from any accommodation around Jinja. This is a good option for groups of 4 + riders who are not staying by the river. The taxi will generally wait for you to finish the ride as part of the price. Allow 20 minutes for travel from Jinja town or 25 minutes from Bujagali. (should be no more than 75,000 Ush for the whole group return.


Not all boda boda drivers or Taxi drivers in Jinja know where our premises are. If possible print the map or mention that you need to go to Naminya Village on Kayunga Road as most Jinja drivers will know the area. There is only one tarmac road in Naminya and our sign is on it. We can also organise taxi drivers that know our premises to pick you up, and ensure you are not ripped off. If you are running late please call and let us know if possible as we de-saddle horses an hour after a no-show booking time.