We have strict 90kg rider weight limit for client safety and to maintain the health of our horses.

For your safety, we ask that you wear closed shoes (boots or trainers), preferably with a heel. For your comfort you need to wear long pants, (jeans etc) to stop stirrup leather rubs.

We also suggest bringing the following:

  • Sun protection cream
  • Camera
  • Small bottle of water

All our horses have saddlebags to carry your gear and we also provide a full length raincoat in the saddlebag for each client.

Safety & Comfort

All trips are accompanied by two or more guides. Our mixed experience group safaris can temporarily separate at certain points on the ride to allow more experienced riders to ride at a more advanced pace and allowing those not so confident to stay within their comfort zone. All riders are always accompanied by at least one guide throughout the safari.

Helmets are supplied, please bring your own helmet if you want to ensure that you have perfectly fitted head protection. (Bike riding or kayaking helmets are ideal).

Uganda Weather

Uganda is renowned for its temperate weather. The hottest part of the year is November to March. We have two rainy seasons per year, with the short rains from late October to December, and the long rains from March to June. We still do safaris in the wet season on our wet weather trails however you will be less likely to get wet by booking a morning safari. Our horses are acclimatised to damp conditions so safaris are only postponed by us if it is raining heavily at the booked time of the safari. Our supplied raincoats ensure you dont get cold even if it does rain while on safari.