Type of work tasks you will be asked to learn and help with.

  • Tack up horses
  • Reception of clients, taking payment
  • Giving riding instructions and safety talk at the start of safaris
  • Help with guiding safaris
  • Washing and general medical care of horses
  • Teaching basic riding skills
  • Distribution of marketing materials, and promotion of the company.
  • Problem solving
  • Answering phone enquiries and email enquiries
  • Take photos of clients
  • Managing local staff
  • Driving
  • Flexibility to do a range of tasks

Please be aware that we do receive a lot of inquiries for work experience and we can only take a limited number of people each year. If you are interested in volunteering, write us an email with some information about yourself. For those shortlisted we also do short phone or skype interviews to select suitable applicants.


To cover our costs and rental of accommodation we do charge $200 a week pp.

We do require that you volunteer for at least 1 month to ensure that the experience is worthwhile for yourself and for Nile Horseback Safaris as we need to train you and you need time to put those skills into practice. We only take two volunteers at a time.

Volunteer/Work Experience Program

Nile Horseback Safaris have now opened our work experience/volunteer program. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with horses in a stunning location at the source of the Nile in Jinja, Uganda. Meet new people, experience a different way of life, and also work with the local Ugandan community if you choose. Below is a list of requirements that are the minimum skills that you must have to apply for our program.


  • Must be extremely competent in knowledge of tack and horses.
  • Must be an experienced rider in English saddlery.
  • Must have a driver’s licence.
  • Must have good English language skills.
  • Adaptability.

This work is extremely people oriented (clients and staff) and team work is essential so you need to be a someone who is confident and social as riding and horse care is only one part of the experience.

Skills that would be an advantage

  • Skills in marketing or PR
  • First Aid
  • Dressage Skills
  • Previous travel or work in Africa
  • Skills in photography

Skills you will learn

  • Looking after horses in tropical climates
  • Learning to guide horse safaris
  • Logistics
  • Communication skills
  • Learning to work as part of a team
  • People management
  • Professional phone and email communication with clients

Medical and Insurance

We do require you have travel insurance, which specifically covers you for riding horses and an international driving licence. Malaria is an issue in this area but is easily treated, so you will need malaria medication but it is cheaper to buy it here in Uganda. You will need shots for Yellow Fever before you arrive in Uganda as it is a requirement to enter Uganda. We do have good medical care available locally from international doctors.


We have self contained accommodation on the farm that overlooks the Nile. You may have to share a room at certain times depending on the number of volunteers currently doing work experience.


We do reserve the right to terminate your work experience if you engage in behaviour that is detrimental to Nile Horseback Safaris business or if you should show a lack of professionalism, commitment or disregard for the safety of yourself or others.


Jinja is very cool country town at the Source of the Nile. This area in very popular with volunteers and students due to the variety of adventure sports, the very friendly Ugandans, the stunning location, perpetual summer climate, the social scene and the fact that Uganda is one of the safest places in the world to live or travel. There is very little violent crime against foreigners. We do give you time off so you can enjoy other aspects of Jinja and Uganda. However Uganda is a 3rd world country you need to be aware that things don’t necessarilly work the same as in 1st world countries. However if you are adventurous and adaptable you should have no problem coping and really have an awesome experience you will not forget.